Organic Spray Tans in Palm Springs 

Be Beautiful Bronzed & Glowing 

Organic Glow Skin Studio is proud to offer the most flawless Organic Airbrush Spray Tans! Your session will begin by consulting with you on the appropriate custom color for your individual skin type. This varies depending upon the natural color of your skin and the results you are trying to achieve. Once the Solution is chosen we begin airbrushing every inch of your body by hand with one of our customized hydrating, antioxidant infused solutions. Within 10 minutes you’ll walk away with a gorgeous, bronzed, sun-kissed tan lasting 7-10 days. No odor and not a hint of orange, just beautifully bronzed skin.

  • Lasts 7-12 Days
  • Patented Brown-Sugar Formula
  • Pleasant, Naturally Sweet Scent 
  • Flawless Fade
  • Organic, Skin Nourishing Ingredients
  • Lightweight, Non-Sticky  
  • Paraben-Free
  • Shower within 3-8 hours (depending on the Solution you choose)

Tips to follow for a beautiful airbrush sunless tan

  • Shower, exfoliate, and shave before airbrush tanning
  • Waxing should be done prior to spray tanning
  • Do not wear moisturizer, deodorant or jewelry to your appointment
  • Wear loose fitting, dark clothing after your tanning appointment
  • Do NOT shower, exercise, moisturize or get wet for recommended hours after your spray tan (no manicures, pedicures or massage until after your 1st post tan shower)
  • After 1st shower, remember to Moisturize! This will maintain and extend the life of your amazing airbrush sunless tan.



Best suited for Fair to Medium complexions or those who love a natural sun kissed Tan 

Single Tan $40

Package of 3 $105.00

Package of 6 $185.00

Must wait 5-8 hours to take your first shower, after you get sprayed


Best for Darker complexions or those who wish to obtain a deeper more bronzed Tan

Must wait 6-8 hours to take your first shower, after you get sprayed

Single Tan $50.00

Package of 3 $135.00

Package of 6 $240.00


Rapid solution gives you the option to shower in as little as 2-hours! Our Rapid solution processes faster on the skin, allowing you to shower within only a few hours after application. Allow 2-hours for light shade, 3-hours for for medium shade, and 4-hours for a medium-dark shade.

Single Tan $60.00

Package of 3 $165.00

Package of 6 $300

This Solution develops fast! You can shower 2-4 hours after you get sprayed


Benefits of applying a pH Balancing prep spray prior to Sunless Spray Tans 

Mild Exfoliation: Glycolic spray gently exfoliates and cleanses skin for optimum long-lasting  results.

Enhances Results: Fruit Extracts help to adjust the skin's pH level to enhance the DHA reaction resulting in a deeper, more golden brown tan.

 Golden Color: Lower skin pH results in a more realistic natural looking tan. 

Adds Moisture: pH balancing spray is designed to add additional moisture to the skin to combat the drying effects of Tanning Solutions 


Private Spray Tan Parties for all occasions are so much fun! Weather it be a Bridal Party or a group of girls just getting together for a fun evening in... there is no better way to get your GLOW then in the privacy of your home. 

*Minimum of 4 People 

*Choose your Solution (Same Rates as In Spa Services) 

*20% Travel Fee (May be applied to each individual or the Total for all) 

*Any Party of more then 8 People, The Travel Fee is waived. 

* We will Travel anywhere between Palm Springs - Indio 

* Booking based on availability, so please Call in advance to schedule your Party!


Made in the USA | Feels warm going on | Parben Free Solution
Made with the finest exotic natural and organic ingredients
Solution goes on feeling warm and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth!

Organic Glow Skin Studio offers the best in Organic Airbrush Spray Tanning. The foundation of this product we use is Aloe Vera Juice. Rich in anti-oxidants; this is the first line of defense against skin damage caused by pollutants, and environmental irritants. Aloe is a renowned natural moisturizer, with healing and soothing properties. Rich in vitamins and amino acids, that help support skins overall health. Green & White Tea Extracts provide skin protective properties boosting skin immune function, and adds supporting protection against the damaging effects of sun exposure. Rich in anti-oxidants, it may also provide some anti-aging benefits. White and green teas contain the highest amounts of antioxidants of all tea varieties Ubiquinone, also known as Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10. This nutrient has been known for years as one of the essential ingredients used by every cell in the body for efficient function. 

As the body ages it loses its ability to effectively synthesize this key nutrient. A very beneficial antioxidant which may help skin maintain youthful function. It has promising potential as an anticancer and immune-stimulating agent, which can support and strengthen sun damaged skin. Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 also known as Matrixyl. One of the recent cutting edge skin rejuvenation compounds. Appears to be as effective as retinal against wrinkles and repair of sun damaged skin, without the retinoid irritation. Provides a head to toe skin repair treatment.


* All Spray Tan Packages purchased will Expire 6 months from Date Purchased.

*All Spray Tan packages are non transferable and to be used by a single person.